Omnibox Alias

I wanted to make my browser behave more like the developer tools that I know and love. I've become a huge fan of fish shell, and I use it for things that are traditionally done in the GUI, such as moving and deleting files. That's where the idea to make chrome more like a shell came from.

Omnibox Alias is the first tool that I've built to "shellify" the browser. It works similar to aliases that you'd put in your .bash_profile, the user first types the keyword go then types the alias that they've set. The browser then goes to the link that corresponds to that alias.

Programming aliases for common sites saves a few seconds on finding bookmarks or relying on Chrome's history to take you to the correct website.

Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

The project is open source! You can contribute

This is the first of many ideas I have in this space so stay tuned for more!

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