Free Gogo-inflight Internet

I recently found myself on a Delta flight to Shanghai and I wanted to test out a couple of known vulnerabilities in the inflight internet service run by Gogo. I found an innovative way to get online without any special tools.

On Delta flights they have a service called Delta Studio which allows you to watch movies from your phone or computer. There’s an app accompanying it. To watch movies you need to download the app.

When you’re on the mobile version of the website it’ll give you a link to download the app from the app store. When you click this link it’ll white list all traffic for 15 minutes.

But what if you’re on a computer and you would like to use the internet? Simple, all you need to do is spoof the browser agent string to get that free 15 minutes of access and then you can browse freely. Luckily Chrome has easy tools to spoof the browser agent string. Here’s a step by step guide with pictures.

  1. Connect to Gogo inflight internet
  2. Go to You’ll be redirected to there automatically
  3. Open the Chrome developer tools by right clicking on the page and selecting “Inspect”.
  4. Click the device button in the upper left hand corner of the developer tools window.
  5. Change the device to an iphone.
  6. Refresh the page.
  7. Navigate to delta studio by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting Delta Studio.
  8. Click on a non-premium movie and select “Watch Now”
  9. You’ll be redirected to a page with a button “Download in the App Store” . Click it.
  10. Enter the captcha and wait for it to finish loading
  11. Open a new tab and browse freely for 15 minutes.
  12. When your time expires just do it again.

As some commenters have noted this only works 10 times. To get more than 150 minutes just change your mac address and reconnect.

Feross made an easy mac address changer for linux which I love. You can get it here.

This is really just a stop gap measure until I get full tcp over dns working.

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