Enkrateia - The Art of Intentional Living

I think we all strive to live more intentionally, but what does that mean? Turns out the ancient greeks have a word for it, Enkrateia - "power over yourself".

Despite popular belief, we are not born in control of our actions, making conscious choices over what actions you take is a practice. It requires repetition and does not come easily. Think of this as a fitness routine, at first it's hard and forces you to face the resistance then it becomes easier, pleasurable.

Here's some of the ways to start the practice:

  1. Think Long Term - expand your time horizon to 24-60 months. What does a life in 5 years from now feel like? Where do you live? Who do you associate with? What do you do?
  2. State your intentions> - Don't keep them secret! Even if, like me, you think the law of attraction is quite wu - it does ususally keep you doing what you set out to do. By doing this you create external pressure to follow through. This is vital for any habit.
  3. Say No - Say no to everything that doesn't contribute to your goals. This is the most important concept because often we get so wrapped up in all the things we **should** do, we don't create the space for the things that are meaningful. BTW, it's ok to have goals such as "see my family more often" or "spend time with people I love" - those aren't the problem.
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